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Mobile Radio

MCX760/780 (Obsolete)

Motorola Trunked Mobile Radio

The MCX760 allows user groups to tap into the MPT1327 trunked network. It offers an expandable list of programmable features, keeping productivity at its highest as business grows.

Key Features

  • Motorola's special voice compression and low level expansion technology ensure crisp, clear and strong audio quality,
  • Ability to assign talkgroups for urgent communication via a console, eliminating need for re-programming.
  • Storage of up to 32 pre-defined text messages enables rapid sending without the need to talk.
  • Large LCD Display makes it easy to read text and icon display.
  • Programmable channel spacing of 12.5/20/25kHz offers flexibility and easy migration of channel spacing.
  • Radio is configurable for up to 4 MPT personalities including 16 talkgroups or conventional channels
  • 3 customizable buttons allow dedication of functions for quick one-touch access.
  • Enables users easy access for up to 100 pre-programmed alphanumeric entries.
  • Sending and receiving of short data messages with a maximum of 20 characters per message.
  • Built-in voice storage enables convenient storage and retrieval of messages.

MCX760/780 (0,99 MB)