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Motorola PRO7350 Portable Radio: The Versatile Radio for 800 MHz LTR? Systems

Sophisticated and versatile, PRO7350 is the essential tool for growing organisations. Whatever your profession, maximize your communications resources effectively by using this powerful radio on 800MHz LTR system.


  • Motorola's unique MDC signalling allows the transfer of data communications at the high speed of 1200 bits per second.
  • The Forward error correction technology enables radio to receive messages, like PTT-ID display, radio status and send out remote killing signal or emergency call even though the voice signal is too weak to be heard.
  • Expandable & easy to install in the field, by adding option boards like voice storage board & DTMF Decoder boards whenever your needs arise. The option board also allows up to 2 minutes of recording.
  • The plug-in mandown option board feature will trigger an emergency procedure in situations where the radio is horizontal or still for longer than a pre-programmed time. It is critical for radio users who work alone or in isolated environments.
  • The PRO7350 is intrinsically safe to operate in hazardous atmosphere by the US Factory Mutual standard.
  • The built-in voice-activated feature (VOX) enables users to transmit their message in a hands-free environment, without pressing the push-to-talk button.
  • Telephone interconnect capability allows users to place and receive calls within the radio.

PRO7350 (2,90 MB)